Our menus are updated according to the season with ingredients from the Italian supply chain.



Grand San Daniele Chopping Board and Buffalo Mozzarella DOP

Selection of Salami and Cheese

The vegetables of Villa Borghese

Artichoke salad with cream of avocado and parmesan

Tris tartare of Chianina and Fassone

Raw Chianina roll with goat cheese and rocket

Fried mixed Roman

Supplì, zucchini flowers, artichokes alla giudia, fried mozzarelline


Sea appetizers

Tris of Tartare di Mare

Carpaccio of Red Shrimp from Mazara

Catalan of Gamberi

Warm sea salad with julienne vegetables

Crispy octopus with vegetables in a pan

Puntarelle in anchovy sauce with shrimp

Crispy sea strips with zucchini

Custom Plateau Royal


Roman Tradition - First courses

Bucatini all'Amatriciana

Rigatoni or Gnocchetti alla Gricia

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Tagliolini with Calamaretti, Porcini and bottarga

Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe on pecorino wafer of

Pienza DOP with mint or crispy artichoke

Gnocchetti with Red Shrimp and pecorino cheese

Linguine with scampi and pumpkin flowers


Meat - Second courses

Grilled Fiorentina (minimum for 2 people)

Extra grilled Fassone Tomahawk with grilled vegetables and baked potatoes (minimum 2 people)

Beef fillet with green pepper and potatoes

Sliced ​​beef with vegetables in a pan

Saltimbocca alla romana with mashed potatoes

Panata Romana with artichokes or rocket and pachino (minimum for 2 people)

Beef straccetti, rocket and balsamic

Roast kid of Capretto with potatoes


Fish - Seconds courses

At Parioli you only need fish caught in hook, from the Mediterranean Sea and delivered during the day.
For this reason we can not guarantee the species available. Our chef will show you the choice of the day.


Sea bass in salt for 2 people

Ricciola with Taggiasca olives and cherry tomatoes


Every evening at Parioli you can find the typical dishes of Roman cuisine.

Bucatini all'amatriciana, Rigatoni alla Gricia, Saltimbocca alla Romana, Abbacchio grilled on the grill, and many other genuine dishes, tasty and produced by the Italian chain and prepared by our chefs.

At Parioli you only need fish caught in hook, from the Mediterranean Sea and delivered during the day.

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